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New Reviews and “Right” Reviewers

Launch day never comes but what I am surprised at what we’ve pulled off, thanks to the talent, perseverance, and generosity of our contributors and the diligence, enthusiasm, and contributions of our editors! Our May issue seems to me to … Continue reading

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2012: My Year in Writing

I began my annual look back at 2012 with my small contribution to the Open Letters year-end feature. I’ll follow up soon with my regular survey of highs and lows from my reading and blogging year. But this year I thought I’d … Continue reading

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This Week In My Classes: So Much To Do! Also, a New OLM!

It’s the time of term when I really just have to focus on doing one thing at a time: if I contemplate the big picture, it’s overwhelming. The truth is, everything does not in fact need to get done in … Continue reading

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Blogging is Detrimental to Literature? Make Him Stop Saying That!

Just when you thought maybe, just maybe, the worst was over when it came to casually dismissive generalizations about blogging–you know, of the kind that used to get us all riled up way back in 2008, and that still irked … Continue reading

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The Worth of Our Work (with Some Thoughts on Jonah Lehrer)

Alas, alas! This hurts most, this . . that, after all, we are paid The worth of our work, perhaps. — Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Aurora Leigh The very smart and funny Adam Roberts has decided to put an end to his … Continue reading

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It’s All in the Frame: Reasons For Writing

I’ve been brooding (and pacing, and swearing, and procrastinating) about starting a new essay project, and what I find myself most stymied by is how to frame it. This is a problem I don’t have with blogging, which is perhaps … Continue reading

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Novel Readings 2010

My turn! Here’s my traditional look back at the highs and lows of my reading and blogging year. Book of the Year: Hands down, and entirely to my delighted surprise, since I had no particular expectations going into it, my … Continue reading

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