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I don’t write up every TV show I watch, but I just finished a complete viewing of all 12 seasons of Bones and 12 seasons is a lot–so I thought it deserved a bit of comment. (Warning: spoilers ahead.) The first thing … Continue reading

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Slaying the Dragon: First Thoughts on Five Seasons of Angel

“Well, personally I kind of want to slay the dragon.” – Angel (S5 E22, “Not Fade Away”) I recently finished my first complete run-through of Angel. I can tell that, as has already been the case with Buffy, re-watching will complicate my … Continue reading

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Weekend Miscellany: Reading and Watching

It’s a busy time at work, with papers and midterms piling up a bit, so it’s still a bit quiet over here at Novel Readings. I have been doing some extra-curricular reading, but the serious stuff has been for reviews, … Continue reading

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Family Drama: Balancing Act and Parenthood

Both my reading and my TV viewing this week have been all about the intricacies of family life. Joanna Trollope’s Balancing Act is a classic “slice of life novel” — classic Joanna Trollope, anyway. I haven’t liked Trollope’s recent novels as … Continue reading

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Recent Watching: House of Cynicism Cards

I’m not in any position to evaluate how accurately American politics is depicted in Netflix’s remake of House of Cards, but if people even think that Congress and the White House are run solely on greed, ambition, and ruthless back-stabbing, as the show … Continue reading

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Weekend Watching: Foyle’s War

It has been very quiet around here, I know. It’s a combination of re-adjusting to the start of term and having been hard at work on my review of Rebecca Mead’s My Life in Middlemarch for the next issue of Open Letters … Continue reading

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