Middlemarch for Book Clubs: Now Available as an E-Book!

COVER-SMALLI’m pleased to announce that I’ve completed one of my first summer projects: turning the materials for my Middlemarch for Book Clubs website into an e-book, to give people the option of using it offline, or just navigating it more conveniently on their tablets, phones, or e-readers. I wanted to do this partly to achieve this result, and partly because I wanted to learn how to do the whole process, from creating a text that could be cleanly converted into ePub or mobi format to creating a usable cover to actually publishing the final document. There is definitely a learning curve involved in each of these steps! It was good, if sometimes tedious, working through them, though: adding new skills is intrinsically satisfying. And now that I’ve done it once, in this very modest way, I can think about other possible self-publishing projects, whether on my own behalf or for Open Letters (where we’ve often discussed how best to make some of our very deep archives available in neat ways).

Here are the links, in case you or someone you know is interested! I wanted the little book to be free, and it is from Kobo (where it’s available as an ePub), but Amazon insists on a minimum list price. As Kindle users probably know, you can convert ePub books into mobi pretty easily using Calibre, if you’d prefer the free option.



2 thoughts on “Middlemarch for Book Clubs: Now Available as an E-Book!

  1. R.T. April 30, 2016 / 2:55 pm

    Oh, this sounds wonderful! I hope I can figure out how to do the Kindle conversion. Thanks for making the book available to all of us.


  2. lawless May 15, 2016 / 2:59 am

    Behind the times here, but thank you for making this available and for giving me the chance to test it out for you. When I have the chance, I will read it; that may inspire me to try the book again. Even if I don’t, I’ll know more about it, which is always to the good.


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