Fall 2010 Course Outlines

In the comments to my previous post, a couple of people said they’d be interested in seeing my course outlines for this fall, so I’ve prepared short versions of them (trimmed of the boilerplate stuff about attendance policies, late papers, academic integrity, accommodations for students with disabilities and so forth). Of course, if you’re particularly keen to know what my policies are on attendance or late papers, I can explain them too. There is not one right way to design or run a course; I use readings and assignments (and policies) that have seemed to me to work well over the years, and that suit the kind of teacher and person I am. (Like parenting, teaching is an activity in which I think you can only really flourish if you are yourself in it, playing to your strengths and acknowledging and, as much as possible, guarding against your weaknesses.) That said, I also learn and borrow from colleagues on campus or online: the wiki assignment I’m using in English 2002, for example, is a version of one Jason B. Jones designed and explained at the very helpful blog ProfHacker. Questions or suggestions welcome–there’s always a next time!

English 2002 Syllabus Short Version

English 4205 Syllabus Short Version

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