New at Open Letters Monthly

It occurs to me that the title of this post works in two directions. My original intention was to call attention to the April issue of Open Letters Monthly, which went live this morning and looks, as their new issues always do, full of readerly goodies: John G. Rodwan writes on “Carson McCullers and Her Crowd,” Irma Heldman adds to her series “It’s a Mystery” with a write-up of Erin Hart’s False Mermaid, Ingrid Norton offers a compelling reading of George Eliot’s little-known Gothic novella “The Lifted Veil,” Krista Ingebretson explores some of the complexities of translation as a practice and a genre by way of Edith Grossman’s Why Translation Matters and a recent volume of poetry from the Center for the Art of Translation…and these are only the ones I’ve had a longer look at so far from the typically tempting menu. Also, as always, the cover photograph is stunning. If you haven’t already, click over and have a look around.

But I realized that for those who come by to read Open Letters anyway, Novel Readings itself may also be new. We set moving day for the blog a bit early to get the transition taken care of before the work of preparing the new issue became too intense, so I’ve been part of the OLM blog “family” for a little while now. If you haven’t happened over here before, though, you can look here for my explanation of who I am and what kind of a blog this is.

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