Inquiring Minds Want to Know…

…why the recent flurry of Google searches for “humanism in Charles Dickens” from locations in India? Yes, I admit I peer at my ‘Visitor Information’ intermittently, mostly as a reality check (it keeps me humble!), but also because it’s interesting to see what posts or topics bring people by. Some time ago, for example, I noticed that a number of people searching for Margaret Oliphant ended up here, probably, I speculated, because there just aren’t that many other internet sources on her. Being flagged by Footnoted or by better-known bloggers has also brought over readers. But for this trend, I have no explanatory hypothesis. Still, since it took a long time to write up my posts on that topic, I’m happy to think somebody somewhere might be finding them interesting or useful–provided, of course, that they are also giving appropriate credit in their citations.

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