Fall 2011 Updates

It’s almost time for our new term to begin! I’m looking forward to getting back to regular business.

Students registered for any of my three classes can get more information about them on the teaching pages of this site.  Blackboard sites are also up and running. Usually you get access to Blackboard with a day or so of registering for the course. Please explore! Give special attention to the draft syllabi posted. A few details (such as my scheduled office hours for the term) may have to be tweaked, but the major aspects of the courses are quite firm. I’ve been in the bookstore and all the books are in – including, in many cases, in used editions, so get there soon if you’d like to save a little money. Many of the books are also available from local bookstores and online.

I will be at a conference in Birmingham, UK, returning September 5. I will be monitoring waiting lists as best I can while away. If you are still on the waiting list for a class when term begins, be sure to attend the first class meeting: at that point I give priority to wait-listed students who are showing up.

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